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I'm a simple girl.
Just rediscovered LJ.
Trying to discover the world.

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My favorite quotes

“Later that day I got to thinking about relationships.
There are those that open you up to something new and exotic,
those that are old and familiar,
those that bring up lots of questions,
those that bring you somewhere unexpected,
those that bring you far from where you started,
and those that bring you back. But the most exciting,
challenging and significant relationship of all
is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love
the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.”

“Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed.
Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

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dont give up on love. have faith. restart. [
7/13/07 - 7:01 pm
the ex talked to me yesterday. it broke my heart a little to feel what two years down the drain is.

the past is well in the past. so who is going to build a future with me? who is going to marry me? have my kids?
who knows. i guess thats what is the most troubling thing.

men are horrible. harry potter tonight? hopefully.
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run with me... anyone [
7/12/07 - 12:50 am
He never called.

His phone is off.
I thought he got here today or YESTERDAY.

This kinda sucks. On the otherhand I went MAJOR shopping :)
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7/11/07 - 2:00 am
Holiday. n/v :British for vacation. I guess I was on Holiday all day yesterday, it was well… lovely. Now that I'm back into reality and away from Prince Charming I remember the hassle life is.

Today, literally speaking, a boy should be calling me the second he plugs his phone into the charger and gets signal… only to receive about a million text from me. He better call. And if he does well then the soap opera will get even better. Two guys. What's new. It's either none or all. Never an in between. I hate how drastic some things can be.

Single. Let's try to keep it that way. At least for my GPA's sake.

So he calls. Then what? Prince Charming wants to sweep me away to England which sounds well… lovely! But is that realistic, I feel the boy who better call is a more realistic approach. Then again if I'm single now, shouldn't that be telling me that I'm not too great with choices in relationships? If I were so smart at choosing I should be with the man I'm supposed to marry

Unless I haven't met him yet

Or worse, given him a chance.
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back from the city that never sleeps [
7/6/07 - 4:15 pm
[ mood | good ]

this year has been a little crazy. i started the year without a boyfriend, one that i had for almost two years. then i did some rebound dating. nothing great just a couple mess ups but messing up is what teaches us lessons so im not complaining. my mom has gotten better i visited my cousins and finally stayed with my dad for the first time in 5 years.

school ended a little rough the tough times took a toll on my semester. in the end i passed, didnt lose my scholarship and decided to take more classes during the summer. i did that ended 2 really important friendships that on the other end wanted to be more than just that. as of now i just got from new york, had the time of my life and im missing someone a little bit. maybe hell turn into someone special who knows.

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my last night in nike [
8/4/06 - 10:16 pm
So officially I am done with my first semester at college.
I think I did awesome. Hopefully two A's which is what I worked hard for.

It's been a bumpy summer but amazing nonetheless.
Tomorrow I move out & then into my new apartment I go.

I can't wait. I'll be going home soon and seeing some people I've truly missed.
Tomorrow Jenny and Mary are coming to visit. We're having a super sleepover/pregame party

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7/27/06 - 11:18 am
whatever i went to the gym and im happy thats all that counts
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ouch [
7/26/06 - 2:59 pm
man the truth hurts. but sometimes i feel like im not thinking realistically.

anyway. i feel like shit today i mean one thing right after another. and i dont feel like getting comments oh cata youre a pretty girl blah blah


im going on a no meat diet. the end i want to be skinny and gorgeous and have long brown pretty hair.

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im a little crazy [
7/25/06 - 4:25 pm
when im drunk i go home and cut my bangs and write stuff that i dont even know what im talking about.

god help me i should hide my scissors.
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not so awesome [
7/21/06 - 4:40 pm
so a few minutes ago i was so happy dreaming about getting a puppy and naming her sunshine and calling her sunny.

then i myspace whored and well. i wish i was tall and i wish i was a model and gorgeous and had a portfolio full of gorgeous pictures. all of the sudden i feel crappy.
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songs bring me life [
7/19/06 - 8:03 pm
handsomethoughtsCollapse )

I love just sitting in my room talking to my friends, watching sex & the city, reading a good book, and listening to music that makes me feel alive inside.
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7/18/06 - 8:40 pm
So I don't know if I've written about this, but I'm an advertising public relations major. At UCF it's a pending major, meaning I have to apply to get in. So pretty much every semester from my first year on I can apply. They take the top 40 of all the students that applied based on GPA. Thats 40 students every semester.

So pretty much I want a 4.0 this first year of college, or at least a 3.7

I have an 86 in my Sociology class, we have 4 tests and 4 essays and extra credit if we ask for it and 10 points with pre and post tests for some woman.

Then my Human Species class we have 2 tests. That's it.

So I did my mid-term, and studied my ass of, and guess what. I GOT A MOTHERFUCKING 98. Out of 50 i got a 49. I feel so proud of myself.

I HONESTLY WANT A 4.0. I want to make a deal with my dad, like if I get a 4.0 my first year that I get a new car or something. We'll see but for now my goal with this 4.0 is to get in my major and kick ass.

PS I have ANOTHER test tomorrow UGH
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i have mixed emotions [
7/16/06 - 8:38 pm
sometimes i love it here other times i hate it

its like i love living this life of classes and my own apartment and doing whatever i want

but then its like do i really get to do whatever i want. i also live this life of feeling like shit, fighting a lot and sometimes HAVING TOO MUCH FUN.

what the fuck. right now i fucking hate everyone because of one idiot who needs to rethink what he does and what he does to me. right now i wish i was home and didnt have anyone but myself to worry about.

i want to buy a puppy, a really cute one.
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6/28/06 - 10:29 am
I'm selling my ticket for Brand New Thursday night at House of Blues

It cost me like 25.00 with all the online bullshit

Please help me out m unable to go because my mom is having open heart surgery tomorrow morning.

I'd love to go but unfortunately I can't so buy the ticket from me and I will love you forever.

Call me up 954 604 8191
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I hate this shit [
6/24/06 - 12:22 pm
I'm having fun

I just wish some people would take some incentive to see me
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This summer is going to be good [
6/21/06 - 11:38 pm
So, this might be funny to hear but...

I visited the Health Center already because of the pain and swelling in my knee. Turns out I have fluid in my knee and they gave me crutches because I cannot put any weight on it :(

I am officialy a cripple, my first week into college. Awesome! I haven't even gone out because of this damn knee.

My roommate is so nice, I really like her. Dave and I made dinner and so far (minus the knee sitch) I love it here!

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Home sweet home [
6/20/06 - 1:10 am
Well, I moved in yesterday. It was quite eventful; it was pouring the entire time we moved in.

1. My arm is sore from yesterday's events (which are hilarious)
2. My knee hurts from jumping off my super high bed
3. My ankle is swolen from walking 12 hours straight

So yesterday my Dad and I moved everything by taking everything in my Mom's wheel chair it was quite funny.

My room look sooo pretty, I like it here.

(so sad about having my parents leave me!!!!!)
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6/15/06 - 7:30 pm
I cannot write one thing without getting some lame anonymous comment.

Tonight the Heat are going to winnnnnnnnnn! :)
& I've been packing up my entire closet all day

I don't want to move yet :(
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YEAHH HEAT!!!!!! [
6/14/06 - 2:55 am
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Clarification [
6/13/06 - 11:09 pm
The last entry I wrote or say posted pictures in is explained by this:

That dress is Nicolette's first communion dress, when were 7 years old.

I tried it on and well I kinda look like the girl from Beetlejuice and we thought we could poke fun at when we did our first communion and the stupid poses they made us do.

If you didn't already know I'm Nicolette's hero on her myspace, so go check that picture out.

Ummmmmm... I hope everyone enjoyed my second First Communion as much and Nic and I did because honestly I was hysterical.

I move 4 days :(
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My First Communion [
6/12/06 - 6:25 pm
hell?Collapse )
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